Hiring The Hippodrome As A Venue


Looking At Hiring? This page gives you all the details you need to know about what
the Hippodrome has to offer and how to make a booking.


For further details on hiring the Theatre, contact our booking secretary,
Martin Cleaver by email on cleavermd@aol.com

You can hire the Hippodrome as a whole venue of just part of the Hippodrome for smaller events. Our services include:

Full theatre licence.

Seats: Total 489 fixed. Stalls - 352, Circle -138

Disabled facilities: We have disabled access into the auditorium and dedicated wheelchair spaces, unfortunately we do not have any disabled toilets.

Backstage facilities not accessible to disabled performers and staff.

Catering: Fully licensed bars. Main bar for public plus backstage bar for cast.
Catering service on request for buffet meals both hot and cold.

Car Parks: Nearby, off Albert Road.

Bus Routes: 100 yards from main bus routes.

Train Station: Colne ½ mile


Proscenium arch, opening 8.3m x 8.5m.
Performing area 15m x 8.5m.
Wing widths 3.1m SR/SL.
Stage raked 1 in 12. Floor wood covered in hardboard, suitable for all dance.
Height of grid 10m 26 hemp sets, 0.13m apart. Max flying height aprox 5m.
Grey velour masking with tabs, cyclorama, black flats for masking.
Gold & brown house tabs, flown.
• Safety curtain.
Backstage crossover. Stage heated.
Orchestra pit 11.2m x 2.4m accommodates 30.
Get in via narrow side street to stage and auditorium
Dock doors on OP stage.


Strand Palette VL , 130 dimmers, 126 circuits wired, 100A, 3 phase.
Full stage lighting rig plus FOH lighting rig.
Operated from old projection box FOH.
Supply available for temporary board.


Acoustics suitable for music or spoken word.
Behringer X32- 32 channels, twin CD and MD.
Operated from sound box at the rear of the circle.
2/500W amp - 4 Bose 802s, 2 600W active bass speakers.
Front fill speakers (JBL Control 1s)
Active speakers on stage (relocatable), passive feed to stage available.
Monitors in orchestra pit (JBL Control 1s) PA system in front of house bar.
Backstage speakers in all areas, connected to house system.
Selection of microphones and additional equipment available.

Stage Management

Prompt corner SL. Light cue system to lighting, flys and orchestra.
No permanent staff but casuals are available. No security personnel.
Talkback system & video monitors to backstage areas. 9 Communication radios.


Access by stage door. 4 dressing rooms on 3 levels.
Green room. Licensed bar. Advice given on accommodation
DR1 accommodates approx 25
DR2 accommodates approx 12
DR3 accommodates approx 6
DR4 accommodates approx 8

Equipment included in hire

4 radio mics (4 Lav/3 Lav, 1 hand held/2 Lav, 2 hand held)
Grey or black stage masking to be arranged with stage manager
Folding chairs
Rostra 18 or 9

Equipment for hire in house only. Charges per booking.

Concert grand on stage
Steps from auditorium to stage
Smoke machines
Slash curtain (silver)
Gauze white
Black cloth
Star Cloth
Mirror Ball - 50cm

• 4 x multimedia projectors - one permanentely installed in auditorium
• 12 x additional radio microphones with head worn mics

Also available for hire in or out of venue, various cloths and stage dressing.

Props large and small prices vary per item. See the props page for more info.

Costume hire service: Part shows, plays, fancy dress, accessories etc.
See our wardrobe information for details.

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