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Pendle Hippodrome Theatre Company! An exciting new start for the owner groups of the prestigious Pendle Hippodrome Theatre.

Resulting from months of serious discussion between the members and general committees of Colne Operatic Society and St. John's Great Marsden Operatic & Dramatic Society, the two groups made the decision to disband with a view to combining resources and forming a new organisation to meet the challenges of the 21 st century.

A decision not made lightly considering the long established traditions of both groups and the strong commitment to their members, as you can see from our archive pages, the two groups have served the area collectively for in excess of 140 years.

The possibility of a closer relationship between the two groups has been mooted for some considerable time and over recent years for many and varied reasons the case for amalgamation has become much stronger resulting in each group calling an extra ordinary general meeting with a single item on the agenda, the dissolve of the group.

With the decisions made and the new organisation formed, we look forward to a strong, challenging and exciting future, with an organisation focused on providing the members of both the adult group and the youth group greater opportunities to explore and present all aspects of the performing arts.

Pendle Hippodrome Theatre Company in it's infancy will face many challenges but is fortunate that within it's membership there is a wealth of expertise on which to draw, hopefully ensuring a long and happy future for all members.

It would be folly to assume that everything will now just fall into place and that the Theatre Company will go from strength to strength engineered by some strange and benevolent force. We can be what we want to be and we can achieve what we want to achieve but only by serious commitment and hard work. We must not fall into the comfortable state of thinking that it is now up to someone else, we must not expect to hold out our hands and receive everything we want, we must indeed hold out our hands but to receive the tools to enable us to create the future that we want for our new organisation.

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